Formula 1: Ecclestone turns 85: “If I were to be reborn, it would not change anything”


Photo: BBC

in the early 70’s bought the team Brabham, and there began his way up to what it is today. First created the SEAL (Association of Constructors of Formula 1), and later, already out of Brabham, the FOPA (AdmistraciĆ³n and Promotions of the Formula (1), which would later become the FOM (Administration of the Formula 1). Hand to hand was gaining control of the commercial rights of the pinnacle, to be considered the employer, the real owner of this competition. Several decades later, still clinging to his position, despite the fact that his presidency was cut short after being accused of bribery and corruption in the case Gribkowsky, and claims to have rope for a while: “I’m very healthy, I’m just going to the doctor to control my cholesterol, and I take a pill for this, without which all would be more or less the same. My secret is that I don’t have a secret”.

The man who has seen his debut and retire several generations of pilots, engineers, teams, and even presidents of the FIA meets 85 years and spoke to the official website, where he stated that would not change anything in your life: “If I were to be reborn, it would not change anything of what I have done, because at that time I thought that it was right. I am in the fortunate position that if I want something that I don’t have, what I could get. I have not missed anything. I’ve been very fortunate, and I’ve been lucky to be healthy enough to do everything, take advantage of all the opportunities and have the balls necessary to take the advantages that I saw. I don’t think affirmative or negative, I think realistic,”. Ecclestone shows coldness to talk about exciting moments or people who have hurt you: “Harm is not the word. Only disappointment. Maybe they have reason them, but I am disappointed. Especially the people who can’t keep his word. On the other hand, I’m not very emotional, so I don’t think at times and say, ‘Oh, it was wonderful'”.

In the early beginnings of what would subsequently be his great business, he offered the equipment to take their share of the pie: “I Proposed to form a company that was going to lead and that they had a percentage. They would have to make money, and no one wanted to. I was disappointed. Mr. Enzo Ferrari and Colin Chapman, two of the people who have impressed me in life, supported me in many ways, but they decided not to get involved. It was a risk to follow my plan, yes, but I see things in a different way. Assessing advantages and disadvantages, and if the advantage is greater, why not give him the opportunity?”. Throughout its 85 years has been involved with teams in trouble and has been close with the protagonists of the ‘Great Circus‘. It has also taken advantage of their power to blackmail and squeeze the most out of their options to make as much money as possible.

throughout your life you have been surrounded by several cases of controversy, and has been on many occasions the slave of his words, as when he praised Hitler or stated that the death of Senna had been good for Formula 1. He fought against the FISA (a committee of the FIA), married, had a daughter who made him a grandfather, he is remarried (with a model of 28 years and 29 centimeters of height more than him), and had two daughters, and now is partner of a brazilian 45 years younger than the nicknamed ‘Mr E’. Haven’t done it yet his testament and do not see on the horizon no one who can substitute for him. Close and protective with his own, hard and ruthless with rivals or with whom you question, it matters little to him if the people he speaks of falsehood in his silver hair (distinctive with their large glasses) or criticize you: I don’t care what people think. Nor what people say of me, because most of those who think evil of me, I wouldn’t have known”.