Formula 1: FIA reveals new data on the accident of carlos Sainz in Sochi


The first conclusions on the accident of carlos Sainz in Sochi indicated that the Toro Rosso’s Spanish had been submerged under the protections TecPro as a result of design and the morro low. But the analysis of the video frame by frame that the FIA made public in Austin late Saturday afternoon reveals that, in reality, the barriers have fulfilled their function and it was a movement of rebound, which made to fall on the car and complicated the extraction work of the commissioners.

The Toro Rosso of carlos Sainz crashed into the barriers at a speed of 153 kilometers per hour and went to zero in just four metres, “probably the impact at a greater speed than has been given this year, with a peak of 40 G; stopped in a fairly extreme and the pilot got out unscathed reflects a performance very prominent both in the car as of the protections”, noted Laurent Mekies, chief of security of the FIA.

“In the video you can see as the barrier rises between 0.167 and 200 milliseconds right at the end of the impact to stop the car; what does the bounce from the wall, which is something very important that we have to improve and fix, because it caused some concerns to the rescue team. But is a very different situation to that of a car diving under the barrier, which is what is believed in a principle, and although we face a challenge to avoid the above-mentioned phase of the rebound, it also gives us confidence in the behaviour of the barrier and the car in the event of a crash,”, added Melkies.

For his part, the president of the GPDA (Association of Pilots Grand Prix), Alex Wurz, also gave his opinion on these latest findings, calling the figures of the accident as “impressive, especially when you consider that Carlos ran the next day”. The ex-pilot of Formula 1 welcomed addition of the good results of the intense work in the field of security, but stressed that we must not cease in the effort to continue to improve. “It’s something impressive and is due to the intense work that has been done but we will not stop because the Formula 1 is always looking for safer solutions; with respect to the fact that Carlos will stay under the barrier, we have been given the assurance that it is going to take care of it, the drivers understand it and have accepted all the protocols and the management of risks is carried out in a satisfactory manner”.