Formula 1 historic; a festival of V8, V10 and V12 [video]

Giancarlo Minardi organized on the circuit of Imola, an event in which met several of the historic cars of your team, as well as cars of other brands.

Andl Minardi Day 2017 took place at the circuit of Imola in Italy and was welcomed by a huge variety of historic cars of Formula 1, the so-called “golden era” of the highest category, the years in which the restrictions were minor and the engines were outfitted with a sound shocking.

This event not only brought together the cars of Minardi, but also many Ferrari, two Dallara, the Wolf of James Hunt, Williams, etc, Even Giancarlo Minardi, the founder of the racing team that bears his name, he boarded one of the cars in the nineties, he participated in the Formula 1 World Championship.

the two days Were very rich in emotions and there was Marchettino to document through their official Youtube channel. The video condenses in 10 minutes the exquisite sound of these cars historical.