Formula 1: Lotus: the accident Grosjean was not due to a mechanical failure


Photo: Lotus F1

Romain Grosjean he suffered in the Grand Prix of Russia a strong accident (“the biggest impact that I’ve experienced in quite some time”, said the French) killing without consequences for their integrity, but that caused serious damage to his car. Now, team Lotus has concluded that the incident was not in its origin no mechanical failure.

A possibility that was in the beginning, because Grosjean was delayed in the first lap of the race by a touch with Sergio Perez, which forced him to replace the morro (more luck for the mexican, who ended up on the podium) and did suspect that maybe something else was broken later. But the technical director of the team, , Nick Chester, has been inconclusive: “we’ve Not found anything in the data or in the parts that point that something was broken and caused after the accident; it is not easy to draw conclusions in these cases but it seems that Romain, maybe I was too close to a McLaren and lost some aerodynamic support, which made you lose your grip”.

The damages in the car, given the violence of the impact (“Your strength I broke the seat”, revealed Grosjean), were considerable, but repairable. “The right side of the car was the one that suffered the damage”, added Chester. “front and rear Suspension, nose, rear spoiler, structure, anti-shock, but we have not seen anything that should prevent us from rebuilding it, although as to the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi all the work that is necessary to be done has to be in the circuit, the mechanics will be very busy in Austin rebuilt the chassis of Romain”.

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