Formula 1: Red Bull has designed four versions of chassis waiting for engine


Photo: Red Bull

motorgate‘ which is in the throes of Red Bull (and Toro Rosso) have each day a chapter. The latest official information coming from the director Christian Horner, who in an interview to the official website of the Formula 1 assured that there is nothing new, but in the negotiations: “there is nothing to report, but are going through a lot of things in the background”. Do not put a deadline, even though they know that the championship is over and, therefore, the following is more and more near the start: “Yes, we are at the beginning of November and time is of the essence. Therefore, it is important to take a decision in a relatively near future. ┬┐How close?: “I Hope that in less than a month”.

“The situation in which we find ourselves now is unfortunate, but we are confident that Bernie or Jean Todt to help us find a solution”. However, Horner is not shown in a state of panic, and clings to an example that ended on a triumphant: “Reminds the team of Ross Brawn in 2009. They took a decision in January and won the world championship that year. This shows that things can be done in a short period of time if you’re smart“. While it solves the lattice, Red Bull have plan A, B, C, and even D, four chassis the standby power unit: “We’ve designed four versions of the car, so any engine should work. We will wait until the music stops and to see in what chair we are, if we are in a”.

Red Bull would be with a motor from an independent provider to client computers, such as studying the FIA: “The concept is simple and would allow other manufacturers like Ilmor or Cosworth. The question is, could it be an option for us? Yes, but it has to be profitable and competitive”. If you can’t convince Mercedes, Honda, Renault and Ferrari to return to the thrusters above, Horner proposes the existence of two types of different engines: “we See in other championships of racing that is possible to see different engines, and in Formula 1 we had V8, V10 and V12 running at the same time. But to do this you have to reduce costs and, for us, it has to be competitive.” Many ideas but nothing clear yet for the energy drinks. And are only two races.