Formula 1: Renault, ready for their return as a team


Photo: Renault

Renault is already fully prepared for his return as a team to the top category of the engine, where in the last four seasons have been present only as a motorist. The team Lotus is now history, and the French brand looks forward to the time to put your race car on track. The chassis has already passed, as announced by Haas and Manor, the crash test of the FIA, as have been reported in your account Twitter (even with the previous name of the team).

Chassis homologation: DONATE. That was a ‘hole’ lot of fun. (We know, we know. Stop it. It is a good one, isn’t it?)
— Lotus F1 Team (@Lotus_F1Team) January 20, 2016

His poor performance with the V6 muddied its relationship with Red Bull, who had won four championships teams and four riders in a row. The signature of the diamond decided to form their own team and, although they signed a new agreement with the brand of energy drinks, will compete as a team from this year, under the French flag. They have presented a video in which they warn of his return.

“You thought that I had seen it all, heard it all? Can’t oirnos back? Can’t you hear our marches, the sound of our next successes, the echo of our achievements? In 2016, Renault returns to Formula 1 as a team. Here we come”.

In Renault do not want to create very high expectations because of the late decision to buy Lotus was the production of a car that was destined to continue, as in 2015, Mercedes engines. In a year in which it is assumed complicated, Pastor Maldonado and Jolyon Palmer are their pilots, and we still don’t know more details of the project, which will be presented in Paris on 3 February. On social networks it was rumored with the possibility that their chassis to recover the colors of 2010, the yellow and the black, but after that information, for the moment, there is more to the creativity of a graphic designer for the magazine F1 Racing.