Formula 1: Renault wants Fernando Alonso to 2016

Ensure that Renault is already working to try to break the contract Fernando Alonso with McLaren-Honda. What they want to as leading rider for the season 2016.

Fernando-Alonso-RenaultHace a few days we learned that Renault acquired the team Lotus to seal his return to Formula 1 after the season 2016. Those who have access to the project, to ensure that the president Carlos Ghosn just put two conditions to justify the investment. The first of these is that only return to try to succeed and the second is related to the first, because it must have one of the best drivers of the grill today.

This may seal the return of Fernando Alonso to the team Renault, to attempt a third stage of the pilot spaniard with the French team. While the brand still has not ruled on this, Giancarlo Minarsdi, who knows very well to Alonso was well direct, through a statement on his Internet site: ‘Carlos Ghosn is working to break the contract that Fernando Alonso has with Honda’. At the same time, from the environment of Fernando Alonso’s claim that his contract with McLaren is still three years ahead, so they see little likely as possible to pass the Renault.

The operation return is in progress and Renault seem to have the financial backing sufficient to achieve this. Only thing you need to know if Fernando Alonso would be willing to accept the challenge, but taking into account his age, the years without titles and the bad situation of your current equipment, it would not be for nothing strange that you decide to embark on this new adventure.

And bad memories surely won’t be after his time at Renault isn’t it?.