Formula 1 says a resounding NO to refueling


The Strategy Group F1 is still looking for ways to make Large Awards more attractive. Despite the presence of the FIA, FOM and the main teams of the category, the truth is that is not finding the path to follow to meet this goal. In the last day, the possibility of bringing back refuelling in Formula 1, face-to-2017 to come to the fore. Although the issue was discussed as something extraordinary and out of the program during the last meeting in Geneva, the opposition to the proposal has been palpable.

The main reason to dismiss the refuelling costs are. According to Jean Everything, refill gasoline during a race could lead to an over expenditure of 50,000 euros by team and year, to which should be added the logistics costs derived of the staff that is in charge of that task. An estimate that you could even be short according to Claire Williams, deputy director of the Williams F1 team. In fact, the leader of the british team considered that the costs would be much higher and that return the refuelling in Formula 1, would be to take a step back in the evolution of the category.

With the ‘refuelling’ ruled out also by the Strategy Group in Formula 1, there are other solutions on the table. One of the possibilities is a format of the double race for Grand Prix. The idea is to follow a pattern similar to that used in the Grand Prix of Macao F3, bridging the gap. The Friday would be destined to the free, while the Saturday would dispute the classification and , there would be a ‘qualifying-race’, that define the grill end. This career would be shorter and could deliver some points, leaving the main dish for Sunday.