Formula 1: Schedules and previous GP Mexico 2015


Photo: Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

So comes the World

Three races remaining to the end, and both titles are determined. No one will be able to overtake Hamilton, which accumulates up to the date of 327 points. Yes the game is in a second position, where Vettel (251 points) looks to get closer to Rosberg, with 247. Raikkonen is fourth with 123, and chase Williams, where Bottas leads 111 and Massa 109. No one else has come to the hundred points, and Red Bull will compete for the seventh place, with Kvyat (76) slightly ahead of Ricciardo (74). Perez is ninth, and are struggling to finish among the top ten Verstappen (45) and Grosjean (44). Below, and in addition to the Manor, Ericsson is 18th with 9 points, and Alonso in 17th with 11, having been passed by Button, who now has 16.

In the constructors, nothing will move to Mercedes in the first place or Ferrari of the second. The third position is in the hands of Williams, with 220 points, 70 more than the 150 Red Bull. The energy drinks have far to Force India, fifth with 102 points. Lotus accumulates 70, and is watched closely by the 63 Toro Rosso. Sauber is eighth with 36, and only McLaren (27) could adelantarles. Manor continues with 0 points, and despite the fact that Rossi was close to achieving this in your country, it seems that they will finish the year unused.

A little bit of history and numbers of pilots in Mexico

The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, in his new format, he made his debut in Formula 1, a sport that has 23 years without holding a trial in the country of mexico. However, Mexico is not a rookie in this category, because there, in the previous version of this circuit, have been disputed 15 great prizes, from 1963 to 1970 and from 1986 until 1992. None of the riders today know what it is to race there, and the pilots most successful in that place are Jim Clark, , Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell, three with two wins. In recent times, the rumors of the return of racing to Mexico were becoming more and more strong, he even was included in the provisional calendar for 2014, but the works have not arrived on time and was delayed.

The remodeling of the layout was entrusted to Hermann Tilke, and the agreement to return to the calendar are announced in July 2014, with a contract duration of up to, minimum, 2019. Looking at the statistics, Hamilton lost in the united States the opportunity to equal the record of most poles in a year of Vettel. Got Rosberg in Austin, so that Mercedes still has a shot to match the 18 of Red Bull in 2011, and themselves in 2014. Other that pursues a record is the own Vettel, that if you win in Mexico would get the same victories that Schumacher (22) grand prizes different. Won’t have it easy.


Photo: Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

Pirelli, the press and local heroes

Mexico is a country passionate that, despite the 23 years without a race in the calendar, has not lost its fans. Account with two drivers, although currently only one of them is the holder. Sergio Perez arrives at the best time of his career with the intention of pleasing their fans. The other, Esteban Gutierrez, tester of Ferrari, and has taught his peers so that they get used to their country as quickly as possible. The team Haas can announce this weekend his second pilot, and Gutierrez has all the ballots to accompany Grosjean in the team american. His circuit of the house would be the perfect backdrop for the announcement.

Sergio Perez will be accompanied by Alonso, Sainz and Maldonado (the three riders, Spanish-speaking of the current grill), in addition to Will Stevens and the newly crowned Lewis Hamilton at the wheel of the press of pilots of the FIA. Friday will Arai (Honda), Arrivabene (Ferrari), Fernley (Force India), Wolff (Mercedes), Claire Williams. Pirelli has decided, after a simulation, that the best tyres to the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez to be the media (white color) and the soft (yellow). However, and as occurred in the united States, they may lose prominence with respect to the rain if we have rainfall, which are possible Friday and Saturday.

Times Grand Prix of Mexico

Times México Times España


01/11 – 13:00 01/11 – 19:00


31/10 – 13:00 31/10 – 19:00

Free 3

31/10 – 10:00 31/10 – 16:00

Free 2

30/10 – 14:00 30/10 – 20:00

Free 1

30/10 – 10:00 30/10 – 16:00

The men to keep

Although Hamilton is already the champion, is now opened, as stated Rosberg, a minicampeonato of three races. In it, the Mercedes and his compatriot sebastian Vettel will play the second place. In addition, and after the anger of Nico in Austin, Lewis could help you to beat the Ferrari. We will also be looking to the two pilots Toro Rosso, who continue to impress in his first year in Formula 1, and Fernando Alonso, who has touched on the points in the last two races and hopes that the third time lucky. Enjoy the weekend, this is just.