Formula 1: The FIA wants to toughen the use of the outside of the track


Photo: Red Bull

One of the most difficult tasks for the curators of track in the Formula 1 is to control that all drivers comply with the track limits. The regulation punishes those that cross with all four wheels on the white lines that mark out the circuit, but there are occasions in which drivers end up using as plotted normal to the outside of the road. Take advantage of the loopholes of asphalt to save time, since in many cases travel more meters but have to slow down less, and that party does not punish the lap time as do the gravel, the grass or the kerbs. The FIA works on everyone to respect the limits.

The governing body of motorsport wants to punish, sanctions aside (as that suffered by Alonso in Russia that left him with no points once I had finished the race), the riders leave the track deliberately. And, to do this, you are looking for a system that punishes going outside, resulted in loss of time or possible damage to the car. According to the French publication, the FIA examines a new model of out of track, twice the width that a sidewalk is normal and which consists of two sections: the outer edge of the track, about 25 mm below the level of the asphalt which must be respected by the pilots, and other edge 50 mm below the level of the circuit, without compromising on safety, which remains the main objective.

This design was tested on the Motorland Aragon, with positive reviews, and now Charlie Whiting, race director of the Formula 1, want to try it in the curve 9 of the Circuit de Catalunya that hosts the Grand Prix of Spain as well as the pre-season test. In the words collected by, Whiting ensures that this new proposal carries greater punishment for drivers who leave the track: “The idea of these sidewalks is that they work the same for bikes than for cars, because we want to try to make circuits compatible for both disciplines. It was installed in Motorland and the drivers stated that they were happy with it. I think that if a car passes over them, it will be uncomfortable, and if placed on the outside two wheels, then you have to cross them again, and that would act as a deterrent. That is the plan”.