Formula 1: The new engine of Honda improvement in one-tenth the previous


Photo: McLaren

Fernando Alonso not scored on Austin despite the evolution of the Honda engine. A touch with Massa at the exit made him fall to the last position, but he got back up to stand fifth, thanks in large part to a Safety Car that allowed him to reach the tail of the platoon despite the fact that she had turn lost. Another problem of reliability caused him to lose power, and the fifth was in an eleventh final position which added another 0 to your marker. His teammate Button was 6th, though I had the new propeller, ahead of the spaniard in the championship. And, however, was the feeling that the Spanish had carried out a great career, riding at a good pace during a part of the same.

But it was not enough. To reduce the optimism that Honda would have found it by the end of the road (in the Circuit of the Americas McLaren fought you with many rivals), Alonso explained what is the advancement of the developed power unit: “To make things clear, the best provision of which we have been talking about for weeks, it means a tenth”. Jenson Button had expressed his wish that Fernando would go over during all the weekend, in a sign that the evolution of Honda very effective, but, according to the champion, only gives a tenth per lap. When he responded to the media, was not yet aware of the cause of your malfunction: “The car was jerking, I don’t think that it was something in the engine itself, but will investigate. I think it was something electrical”.

Although the supplier of japanese is almost at the same point, Alonso came out happy Austin: “Was one of the best races of my career. Be an minute of the second to last car on lap 2 and getting to be fifth with ten laps to go was quite a feat. After a recovery so great, it was a pity that a mechanical problem in the final laps we put out of the points. Because of this, after the race I was more sad than happy, but we can keep trying to improve these issues“. Finally, the English had words for his former teammate Hamilton, which became three-time: “I Want to congratulate Lewis on winning his third world championship. It has been very strong throughout the season, and that is a great achievement. Let’s hope that next year we can put a little more difficulty this season“. Improving of tenth in tenth will be complicated.