Formula 1: The ultrablandos Pirelli only be used in circuits of urban


Photo: Red Bull

After the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, which closes the season, Tuesday, December 2, teams have the opportunity to participate in a test of twelve hours in which tested the tyres, and Pirelli will debut their new compound. The ultrablando, color purple, will premiere in the urban layout of Yas Marina with a view to be used in the next season. The goal for the Italian firm broadens its range is to have greater flexibility when choosing the compounds for the great prizes. As stated in Motorsport Paul Hembery, head of Pirelli, the ultrablandos will be used only in circuits of urban or semiurbanos, such as Melbourne, Singapore, Monaco, Mexico or Abu Dhabi, where the degradation is minor.

Well explained Hembery, which in addition to turned to the little amount of test that allows the FIA: “The utrablando is only for street circuits, because as we saw in Monaco and Singapore, the wear levels are very low at this time. The cars will slide less and the change that we made is a boost in terms of levels of wear and tear. Maybe too much, but with the lack of test we are not able to make further changes to the product, and we’re living with what we have because the cars will be faster next year. Each year they improve, so what was right last year can be drastically different next year.” tires superblandos have been used this season in six great prizes, and the ultrablandos will appear with a similar frequency. hard have only been seen in four, and the media and soft have been the most employees, with thirteen and fifteen runs respectively.

“The idea is to get two or three pit stops, and the compounds of the next year will be the same as we have this year plus one. But we are trying to change the inner part of the tire to create a wear and tear after a certain number of turns that force the riders to enter to change. It is not the same that we had last year in terms of degradation. We have to experiment and see if it meets what you expect”. In addition, Pirelli intends that the teams have greater capacity to decide what tires to use at each grand prix. Therefore, he proposes to bring to each race three compounds (instead of the current two) and each team you pick how many you want of each one: “In that scenario, each team can decide what will be the best compound, so that the responsibility would stay away from Pirelli and increase for the builders”. The decisions and final details will be announced next month.