Formula 1 unveils its new soundtrack

In a progressive way, but without a pause, Liberty Media is going to take steps in the direction of a Formula 1 renewed and much more in tune with the changing times and tries to assimilate to the tastes of the younger generation of potential fans.

From the end of 2017 have been a number of changes that were initiated with the new logo and continued with the schedules of the Big Awards modified. Without a doubt, the most striking has been the new system of relay online (which will not be available in Spain by incompatibility with the string that has the exclusive rights), and without a doubt, the new music composed by Brian Tyler will be very present in it.

The composer, producer and director of orchestra american has been in charge of giving personality to the Formula 1 through a new music. Tyler has been the author of the soundtrack of titles as well-known as The fast and The Furious, Dragonball Evolution, Terra Nova, Call of Duty, Avengers: the age of Ultrón or Need for Speed, among others.