Formula 1: Vettel acknowledges that he doubted of himself in 2014


Photo: Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel is a happy man. Although it has mathematical chances, the title of champion escaped him long ago, but struggle to keep the second place that it currently holds in the championship. In his first season with Ferrari sum of eleven podium finishes, three of which are victories, and long ago surpassed, in many less races, the points earned in 2014, his worst season in terms of feelings since he is in Formula 1. A year in which he came to doubt himself: “Yes, I did. And I am not ashamed to admit it. Around the world doubt themselves at one time or another”. And there came another offer to wear the red, that this time would not pass: “I don’t want to be arrogant, but I was already in contact with Ferrari. In the paddock you come across once in a while with all the world, and had conversations before, but it was never the right time. Suddenly, last year it was. That made all the difference”.

The four-time champion had negotiated with Stefano Domenicali and, signed during the stage of Marco Mattiacci and works with Maurizio Arrivabene. Three different directors in Maranello: “Is a little strange, but I just felt it was the right time to start a new project. I had a good relationship with Stefano and with Mattiacci, and although I did not know too much to Luca di Montezemolo, now with Maurizio and mr. Marchionne things are taking shape and we are on the right path“. Asked why the team found after the five-year stage of Alonso, responds that it can’t compare: “I don’t know how it was last year, I was not. Ferrari has a new chairman, new director and other new members. The fact to get a podium in the first race really helped to drive the project. We have a team environment fantastic now”.

Despite 2014, stated that he was very happy at Red Bull: “The four titles say it all. The previous one was not a good season, was not performing the way I wanted, and in a case like this it’s more honest to show your feelings and not hide behind a fake smile. The time has given me the reason and I’m happy with how everything is going. When I joined Ferrari there were not many guarantees of results, but I am happy that we have exceeded all expectations, even mine”. Now his former team is in trouble without motor for 2016: “I have Not spoken with Mr. Mateschitz lately, but his departure from the Formula 1 would be a great loss, although I doubt that in the end happen. It is my opinion and sure the more people”.

Vettel admits still not knowing what to do when you retire: “will now appear something. It is important to find something ‘real’ after the Formula 1, because the risk of getting bored is high. This sport is so intense that it cut it from one day to another requires you to find something strong to fill the gap and not become a figure sad. Of time, does not think of leaving: Ferrari is the greatest of all the equipment that we have in the paddock. Has been in Formula 1 since the beginning. Its history, its pilots… there is something exceptional about Ferrari. Each team has its own DNA. Here is a lot of family atmosphere. The italians have something special. So it was a dream come true when I joined, and against all odds the first year until now has been amazing”.

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