Formula 1: Vettel managed to place a Ferrari on the front row in Malaysia


Today qualifying for the Malaysian Grand Prix was played. While Lewis Hamilton started in pole position, Sebastan vettel was able to place his Ferrari in second place just 74 thousandths of single-seater Mercedes.


Sebastian-Vettel-Ferrari L to pole position was for the British Lewis Hamilton one of the best, if not the best pilots the current grid, of course with the valuable assistance of unattainable car from Mercedes.

However Ferrari continues to prove that he is not willing to make life easy for its main rival, while revealing that progress from the previous season, have been enormous .

Vettel believes it can make life difficult for Mercedes.

Tomorrow the second round of the 2015 championship of Formula 1 is held at the circuit Sepang in Malaysia and Hamilton won his second pole Year .

But with a little help provided by the prevailing climate, the German Sebastian Vettel got placed in the second classification, separating the leader only 74 milliseconds .

Thus Vettel managed to sneak into the first row for the race to be held tomorrow, ahead of Nico Rosberg who came in third position and start from the second row.

During the press conference, Vettel said he was confident that can make life difficult for Mercedes especially if the rain again present during the race. However, despite considering that Ferrari is rotating at a decent pace believes should be realistic, since Mercedes has an advantage and that advantage has not disappeared.





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