Formula 1: Volkswagen would buy near Red Bull


Volkswagen would be about to acquire Red Bull Racing and managed to enter Formula 1, presumably with the Audi brand.


Red-Bull-F1-Monaco Q hat the Volkswagen Group are trying to enter Formula 1 is nothing new, but this week the rumors of his arrival became stronger never. Ensure that VAG is close to sealing a deal to buy the team Red Bull Racing .

During the next season the team Red Bull will break his contract with Renault as an engine supplier a year before completion, due to the poor results and the deterioration of the relationship between the two companies. Ferrari will be their new supplier of powerplants.

Yes Volkswagen manages to seal the deal, it will compare the Red Bull team and constuirá its own engines to give life to their cars, the which may wear the colors of Audi . Red Bull continue to act as the main sponsor, as both companies share today a business relationship within the category of the FIA ​​WRC.

According to the indications of BBC Sport the president of the board of Volkswagen, Martin Winterkorn have already reached an agreement with the head of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz and adviser category Helmut Marko . Meanwhile, the team will continue to use Ferrari engine as the Volkswagen unit would not be ready until 2018.

also assert that Winterkorn have pushed for this agreement before, but was vetoed by then President Ferdinand Piech . But Piech could not keep the enormous pressure from the board members and resigned last April.



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