Formula 1 wants fans to decide the prizes for the pilots


Photo: Red Bull

The Formula 1 continues to look for ways for the public to not go and their product continue to lose value. In that line they worked the teams in their meetings in Geneva, and also of different proposals to solve the crisis of the engines, there were other ideas to make this sport more attractive for the fans. One of the solutions can pass because they involve precisely to the fans, make them feel part of the maximum category, allowing it to be them who decide to take a prize after each race, as for example the ‘best overtake of the day’.

there Are two awards that the Formula 1 meant to its fans to choose from: ‘best overtaking of the day‘ and ‘best pilot of the day‘. It is still only a proposal, and has not decided how they would vote, although everything points to that would be through social networks, especially Twitter, the tool most used by fans, teams and drivers (only the two Ferrari’s, Vettel and Raikkonen, are absent on that social network). The idea that driving is that pilots will receive, ex post, probably in the next big prize, the trophy that you get by the decision of the viewers, which would bear the name of any of the sponsors.

are Not the only prizes you want to hand out. In addition to the best driver and best overtaking, determined by the fans, they are also intended to reward the pit stop faster of the season, that is to say, the team that less time that it takes to complete a tire change in the pits. On the other hand, already in the past raised the possibility of giving points to the driver who got the pole, but in the current circumstances it would not be to reduce the monopoly of Mercedes in both championships but to increase it. The Formula 1 is still seeking to reinvent itself in order not to lose their condition ‘premier class‘, and to involve the fans may be one of the measures so that they do not flee.