Formula 3 in Monza suspended due to accidents


The last date Formula 3 held last weekend Monza due to be suspended due to the poor performance of the pilots. Caused many accident that race was canceled by the stewards.


F3-accidente E hey will be part of the new breed of drivers Formula 1 in the coming years, although judging from that seen in the last date Championship FIA Formula 3 contested the last weekend in the Monza be few pilots make it to the top category.

Due to repeated accidents, F3 was suspended in Monza.

is that there were many accidents in Monza, so many that the stewards decided to end the competition to prevent a tragedy occurs . Not that the pilots of the F3 are bad, but for some reason did not seem to be the day indicated.

The first of the three races finished largely uneventful, with the Swede Felix Rosenqvist gaining just as the safety car made its appearance. In the second race the eater things go wrong culminating with safety car and red flag after just 12 laps completed.

But the third race was worse. The pilots were warned after the debacle that occurred in the first two races that if they continued showing the same lack of professionalism, the third race would be suspended again and that was exactly what happened.

After safety car had to come out twice in just nine laps Nils Wittich director canceled the race , led again by Rosenqvist. The most spectacular accident was staged by the promise of Ferrari Canadian Lance Stroll , which is what we show in the video attached to this note, fortunately without damage to any of involved.