Formula E, oh how we have changed!


The Formula E has experienced a meteoric evolution since its debut in the season 2014-15. The competition cars-electric FIA has gained in reputation and the most clear of this huge progression is the increasing involvement of a greater number of manufacturers and riders of the highest level. The next big step for Formula E will arrive in the ‘Season Five’, the year in which the cars will receive a new power train and new batteries source McLaren, changes that will allow drivers and teams complete the ePrix no need to switch from single-seater, although that is a matter for the future.

With all the ePrix Monaco is the perfect setting to see how it has evolved the Formula E in a little over two years. The presence alternates of the appointment of monegasque and the own peculiarity of its layout, are the perfect ingredients to compare two laps ‘on board’ of S├ębastien Buemi to the knobs of the Spark-Renault SRT 01E used in the first season of the category and the Renault Z. E 16 that is used this season. Two cars that start from the same idea, but have notable differences at the level of design and above all, level of performance.

The visual differences between the two cars are clear, every time that the front of the new Renault Z. E 16 is much more aerodynamic and elaborate the design to Spark completed for his first single-seater. However, where you can see a greater evolution in his behavior. new cars are more powerful, lighter and come with an aero kit, more cash, resulting in a noticeable improvement in straight-line, cornering and ultimately lap time. With the best traction and stability, the new Formula And improved easily three or four seconds. How we have changed!