Fortunately, the Citroën C6 which has been presented in Beijing will never come to Europe

hurts Me a little heart to write the headline of this article. The Citroën C6 was a saloon of representation to the French, a peculiarity automobile that ceased to exist in Europe when Citroën ceased production of its unique flagship in 2013. When we heard that Citroen was planning to launch in China a new C6, we expected a car is risky and innovative, with a slim polarizer, and a new air suspension. I can only say that I appreciate that this new Citroën C6 is in China.

The Citroën C6 european was the last of those wonderful Citroen’s quirky and peculiar, authentic.

The Citroën C6, the French have been presented in the Lounge of Beijing there is nothing revolutionary or innovative. It seems like a French car, because really… it is not. It is a washing of face of the Dongfeng Fenshen A9, a large saloon car produced by Dongfeng – partner of china in the joint-venture of PSA Group in the asian country. have Not wanted to risk producing a car that the world will remember decades after they have been produced, and I can’t blame: the C6 not enjoyed good sales, and risk does not work in China.


Built on the modular platform EMP2, is a sedan front-wheel drive, and measures a generous: about five meters in length and have a battle of almost three meters. And yet, the large front overhang and its design does not look inspiring or harmonic. Yes I have to praise the front, with a great calender front that will blend with the optics and a Led strip daytime located just where it ends on the hood. The only original detail of a car whose side profile and behind are the most uninspiring, unfortunately.

A digital instrumentation 12.3-inch, finishes in leather and wood, or a panoramic roof make up an interior that we like.

In the interior are appreciated qualities on the correct paper design and a more marked, the most correct. For example, the dashboard is covered in perforated leather, and the instrumentation is entirely digital. The central console is plain, with very few buttons, , and is dominated by a large touch-screen display. In part it reminds me of the Volvo S90, maybe because of the layout and look of your shifter. The steering wheel is leather-wrapped duotones, and has a differentiated appearance to that of other Citroën.

citroen-c6-2016-3I like the interior of this Citroën C6. It seems to Me minimalist where you can be a minimalist, and detailed in terms of design and customization. The rear seats seem to have a huge space for the legs, as like in the chinese market – something that confirms the launch of BMW X1, Audi A4 or Mercedes E-Class long wheelbase. There is even information about the engines available in the Citroen C6, but we believe that it will be turbocharged engines of less than two litres and 200 HP.

it’s Not a bad car, I’m sure. But I’m sorry, should not be called Citroën C6. It is an affront to a car that in its time was the greatest exponent of the technology and the heritage of Citroën. A delicious extravagance to relish pointers diesel engines six cylinders, hydropneumatic suspension and a design like no other – what do you remember of your back window is curved and the hood of “shark”? If the Citroën C6 ever come back to Europe, I hope it is in homage to your past, and not the way that has been reborn in China.


Source: Carscoops
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