Four Ferrari Testarossa for the price of one: here is something fishy

of course there is a cat locked up. It is difficult to find four Ferrari Testarossa for sale in a pack, and more strange is that they ask only $ 145,000 for the four cars. We talked a little more than 30,000 euros per car. The announcement list is that four of these cars need restoration work to a greater or lesser extent, and some of them have been unemployed for years. Are two models in the year 1988 and the other two models in the year 1991. Sold in pack indivisible, such as fruit juices.

The Testarossa had an engine of twelve cylinders capable of developing 390 HP.

Of the four cars for sale in Canada, one of them seem to have suffered a clear case of “Ferraritis”, that is to say, fire your engine. It is one of the two red cars. The fire has been contained, and the body is more or less intact with the exception of some panels. It seems clear that it is a candidate for a swap of engine restoration or a much more in depth, I doubt very much that what is left of your motor is salvageable. The other red Ferrari has pieces of different colors in your body, and also missing pieces.

however, your engine looks brand new, and this seems to indicate that he was also prey of fire, and is in the process of restoration. It is clearly the car that more work needs to. The two units of black seem to be in good general condition. With the exception of some details of the bodywork, one of them seems to be ready to return to the streets after a good set up. The second car of black color it seems to have been a victim of a robbery: you are missing some of the lights and the steering column in its interior.

This is what I would do with these two cars: would use the parts of the two Ferrari red to put back into circulation Testarossa black, and in the chassis of the Testarossa more damaged, install a good V8 american. A simple motor and very reliable to make huge roadtrips without a hint of problems. What sacrilege? Not, donated their parts to be put back in circulation other two cavallino. Deserve to roll back, even with a motor outside the fantastic V12 to 180 ° mounted in origin.

Source: BaT
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