Four manufacturers of tires for the WRC 2016


The World Rally will have four tyre manufacturers in 2016. So what has been communicated to the International Federation of motor Racing (FIA) in a statement confirmed that Michelin, DMACK, Pirelli and Hankook are the four brands that has permission to supply their tires in the different categories present in the WRC. The French firm Michelin still has a greater weight in the championship, although DMACK dramatically increases its presence with the creation of a team in the premier class. Hankook is reduced to its stake in WRC2 and Pirelli must define your program.

Michelin continues to be the trusted brand of the manufacturers. Volkswagen, Hyundai and M-Sport will continue with Michelin, and even the private pilot or the eventual program semiofficial Citro├źn will be provided with the tires of the French house. For his part, Pirelli expects to be able to repeat your bet, 2015. The manufacturer milanese pulled on the World Rally Car of Lorenzo Bertelli and Robert Kubica, although the inclusion of the Italian language in M-Sport and the program part of Robert Kubica left still in doubt the level of involvement of Pirelli. The brand works to be able to be associated to the projects of other pilots.

DMACK is the brand that more progress has been made. The chinese manufacturer will have a team in the premier class in that Ott Tanak will compete with a Fiesta RS WRC. In addition, it will keep his team in the category WRC2 with a Fiesta R5, all of them shod with tires DMACK. The brand has its own Copa Brand, with the Fiesta R2 and is also intended to associate with other pilots. Finally, Hankook have a presence more reduced, linked mainly to the category WRC2. The firm has been very tied to the computer ACSM Rallye Team and expect not only to repeat with the Spanish team, but to attract other private teams.