Four models in two years, this is the future plan of the SEAT

SEAT 20V20

SEAT just submit your product plans until 2025. From it we extract an intense offensive in the medium term, which leaves us with up to four developments in the next two years. Without a doubt one of the notes has been intended to SEAT of to focus on the most profitable products, making a clear allusion to the plans of restructuring of the Volkswagen group for the coming years.

The new direction of the SEAT claims that the mark is ambitious in the group and will focus on making it a brand more appealing… and profitable. That’s why many of the new guidelines are aimed at optimizing the production and in focus on the cars more money to give. In other words, they’re going to bet for the segments that most sell. And that is the SUV.

prueba-seat-ibiza-cupra-9Precisely confirms finally the arrival of the compact SUV of SEAT for the first quarter of 2016, so that we are left the Hall in Geneva as well as more than insurance stage for your presentation. Will debut with the new modular platform of Volkswagen MQB and it should be a continuation on the plane of style of what is already offered by the Lion.

a Few more models we advance despite knowing that they will be four to appear in the next two years. One of them, we can almost say for sure that it will be the new SEAT Ibiza, a new generation that should come with a body SUV derived. That could be the third model of the offensive. The large SUV based on the 20V20 still does not seem fully confirmed, focusing first on those segments SUV that’s more sold.

on the other hand, SEAT warns of the optimization to the time of embarking on projects that do not pose an added value to their products. In short, it seems like it will restructure its strategy in departments such as marketing. It aims to save around 100 million euros per year that refer to R & D. The sport program of SEAT, however, seems not to be affected.

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