Framework Matiacci, the maximum responsible for Faraday’s Future leaves the company


Image of the inauguration of the factory of FF in Nevada.

Just have 10 days left for Faraday’s Future will present its first model at CES 2017 Las Vegas, and despite the intense campaign of teasers to announce the presentation, the unique and real news that come to us from the company are references to the chaos that seems to reign within the brand.

In the last days, FF had responded to the negative reports published in the media, like Jalopnik or Electrek, although instead of making any official statement clarifying or refuting the information published by these media, have employed the old tactics of discredit and accuse the journalists, at once self-proclaimed as true a “game-changer”.

“The pessimism in the media is the standard rate for the disruptors. The deliberate negative information from the press and the competitors is the risk welcome innovation.” Faraday’s Future on Twitter.

Up to that time had attended a parade of negative reports of the company, which, although started for nearly a year, since the summer has done nothing but intensify. From numerous reports suggesting that important staff members left to open the project, and also on a number of occasions, numerous statements from former employees that warned of the chaos within.

From the outside, we have been able to see his megalomaniac project of the factory was crashing against the mountain of debt that seem to be paralyzed the construction of the same already in its early stages due to non-payment of the first deposits. In addition, have already arrived the first demands of suppliers to the courts, although that could be just the tip of the iceberg, that there are statements from several employees pointing to a hole of close to 300 million euros. Without having built a single vehicle or presented even its first production model.

The makers themselves of the treasure of the state of Nevada as a mere scammers, and from a year ago to claim a financial plan that the brand was not presented by the moment, despite being saddled with significant tax credits, worth 335 million dollars.


the first model of The FF teaser.

During the day yesterday I knew the sudden departure of two of the most important names of the project, Framework Matiacci and Joerg Sommer, from Ferrari and Volkswagen. Both were newcomers, joined Faraday in the summer of 2016 and in positions of great responsibility. Just this morning, their images had disappeared from the web FF.

In the last few weeks we have looked at it with suspicion (“Our Company” of the corporate website, wondering what they were doing there, some of those names, very reputable in the industry and with extensive experience in this world. Now we ask ourselves the same with the images that are left, among which is Peter Savagian, responsible for the powertrain of the GM EV1 and a participant in the project Volt and Bolt EV Chevrolet.

The latest reports seem to be something more dramatic. Since after the departure of Matiacci and Sommer, the own Jia Yueting has landed in Faraday’s Future, with a team brought from LeEco, the start-up twin of FF in China, and known still less.


Jia Yueting in the now-controversial presentation of the LeSee.

In theory, at least on paper, Jia Yueting is just one investor, even though de facto we all understand that is plain and simple the owner, although one of the peculiarities of Faraday is that the brand itself is not the owner of their intellectual property rights. The property of all that unfolds within its walls belongs to a company based in the Cayman islands, a tax haven.

As is logical, this tremendously abnormal structure only inspires distrust, especially to potential investors.

Can Yueting to bring back the boat?, what shall disburse the massive amounts of money that are needed and that up to now were “coming” from China?, Or do you just intend to cut off the hemorrhage and that the brand continue on the same path? Surely not we will soon know.


The FFZERO 1, a concept which anticipated the disaster of the brand.

The scenario that seems to be perceived in no case is positive for the company, regardless of what they present at CES 2017. That in theory will be its SUV electric premium, and therefore will not be cheap, so that we do not believe that anyone in their right mind going to pay the quantities that are models of Tesla in a brand with such a history, at least up to now.

That the signature you need money urgently it seems evident, which leads us to a project of this magnitude can not come to good port, being directed this way as anarchic, which seems to own responsibility Yueting, that instead of setting the bases of a project, it seems like all the time that has tried to sell us a few results that have not yet been achieved.

As button displays the presentation of the course, electric vehicle, and autonomous LeSee of LeEco, a company even more mysterious and unknown than FF, which we now know not only that he did not do the only prototype presented, but deceived the whole world with the alleged capabilities of the autonomous vehicle in the presentation, since it was being operated by remote control from racks.


corporate Image of Mattiacci in FF, which no longer exists.

The only possible solution, or at least we see minimally likely is it that FF is sold to another company so that this would culminate in an orderly manner all of the work that has been conducted on FF in recent times. Although knowing that all the technological development it does not belong really to FF, and that this not only does not have its own facilities, but a huge mountain of debt, we find it highly unlikely that this would happen.