France begins to control traffic drone: fine we will begin to identify speeding or


The drones also establish itself as an incredibly effective solution revolutionize future for certain services (see messaging) inspired not a few fears and generally distrust. Some people already concerned that these devices, relatively inexpensive, and manned by operators with little experience flying over our heads (see: Can a slight drone kill a person?). If those same drones are used for traffic control, as will happen from now on in our neighboring country, France, that concern for drivers moved up to become real dread. Can you imagine hundreds of drones oversee them suppressing behaviors like road traffic offenses and several speeding? That future is really close …

fined these drones, identify speeding? Not yet, but just opened the way to control traffic offenses by the widespread use of drones.

France has opened the way for the start of a massive use of drones as a tool to control traffic . And we say that it has opened the path that you should not believe that these unmanned flying objects are to be fined. Think fining drones left and right is still premature.

Manuel Valls, Prime Minister of France, has announced experimenting with drones in a package of many measures aimed at strengthening road safety, which will mainly affect the repression of dangerous behavior. The Valls himself claimed in a tweet, with a very own words of a politician, “the roads of France should not be a graveyard for our youth and our families.”


The cost-effectiveness of a drone is much more favorable than that offered by other control systems, such as unmanned helicopters.

The purpose of these drones will identify risky behavior on the roads ( That is, the possibility that a drone start fined, or even fly over the road without human intervention to hunt down offenders is still distant. The French gendarmerie these flying contraptions used to increase the capacity for action of its agents.

Remember that the price of an advanced drone is negligible compared with that of a helicopter, let alone the cost of maintenance and use of the latter. Although the drones also require an operator to handle it from the ground, and at a certain distance, remain a solution with a ratio very favorable cost effectiveness and .


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The drones will use France not equip enough technology to identify speeding, or work without an operator on the ground that manage at a distance.

For a drone start fining drivers will need to equip these advanced technologies , capable of recording high-resolution images of vehicles that ply the roads (so that they serve as proof of crime) and recognize the license plate of the offender.

For the same drones take charge of identifying speeding will still have to use a much more sophisticated technology, able to calculate the speed of the vehicles are on the road with great precision and a low margin of error. Remember that the systems used by radars equipped Pegasus are not designed to be installed in a drone compact dimensions. And above all, they require a very specific manipulation, a technique for use and control reliability, to preserve the rights of drivers and ensure that the measurements have been performed correctly.

The climax of the drones for traffic control at the time would come when these same devices have a logic of autonomous operation. That is, drones able to control traffic without an operator on the ground that drive. But fortunately for you and afraid to use, it is too early for us to worry about this.

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