France: The Renault Twizy can now drive at 14 years old


The new European legislation that led France youth 14 years old may lead light quadricycles as Renault Twizy after obtaining a special permit.


Renault_67223_global_en L to European Union recently presented a new directive provides for a change in some aspects of driving licenses . As part of these new directives France has adapted its regulation on light quadricycles .

Under the new legislation, people 14 years old having road safety certificates BSR (Brevet de Sécurité Routière) a kind of permission to conduct some types smaller than a motor vehicle shall be allowed to conduct so-called motorized ATV , something hitherto reserved for over 16 years.

Thus Renault tries to position the Twizy as a valid alternative to scooters, with a consequent increase options safety and comfort available on the product of four wheels. The Twizy 45 is standard with frontal airbag double safety belts, disc brakes and cell protection .

The Renault Twizy Life 45 is offered in France with a price that starts at around 7000 euros .





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