Frank Stephenson returns to MINI

The designer who gave life to the first MINI from BMW released in the year 2001, and then designed the current Fiat 500, will leave his position in McLaren to return to lead the office of design MINI.

Frank Stephenson has left an indelible mark on the history of the MINI brand, as responsible for the design of the model of first generation that debuted as a prototype in the year 1997 and a few years later came as a series model.

Already in 2002, Stephenson joined Fiat, where had the mission of transforming the prototype Fiat Trepiùno designed by Roberto Giolito in a production model, which is transformed in the Fiat 500 that we know today after its arrival to the market. Until now the designer’s moroccan and also served as head of design for McLaren, but your new destination will be in the offices of MINI, where you will once again return to take the reins of the design of the british brand is now the property of BMW.

After the departure of Anders Warming to head the design of the relaunched brand Borgwrd that occurred almost a year ago, the MINI had been without a director of design. Stephenson has been a big critic of the way that you have undertaken MINI-with regard to the design of their more recent models, so now tyou have the opportunity to retake the good path.

Neither Stephenson nor MINI have yet given details about the change of position, although it is expected that the official announcement will take place this same week.

Frank Stephenson ensures that MINI has lost the direction