Frank Stephenson speaks to us in the exclusive McLaren 570GT

The Head of Design of McLaren speaks to us in unique to the new 570GT sports series Sports Series which best adapts to our day-to-day. The very Frank Stephenson explains to us in perfect English what makes it so special to this body and what are its benefits.

McLaren 570GT retains the typical design of the manufacturer, and sports the same engine that the 570S. The biggest difference with respect to the well-known coupe is your new body that has a luggage compartment of 220 litres behind the seats in addition to the 130 liters which is located under the hood that we know of the McLaren 570S.


The new trunk of the McLaren 570GT makes it more practical for the day-to-day.

second boot accessible from both the inside and the outside by opening the rear window with side hinges. This is large enough for carry a couple of suitcases to spend the night outside in addition to objects of low height such as laptops, tables, or briefcases for documents. The heat from the engine exits through vents so that the objects in the trunk are safe from him.

in Addition to the trunk extra, the sport has undergone other modifications as the easier access to the the driver and co-driver, seats more comfortable, suspensions to something more soft, panoramic roof, exhaust system slightly less noisy and brake series steel, optional carbon.