Frankfurt 2015: Tesla plays, dances Germany

After touring the Frankfurt Motor Show from beginning to end, I would like to draw general conclusions and play choose a prominent star over all other . This year has been particularly difficult because, in my view, the outbreaks have pointed in the wrong direction.

Audi presented the Audi e-tron quattro concept, an electric vehicle in format SUV capable of traveling 500 km with each recharge and speed of 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 s 503 hp thanks to the electric power derived from its three engines.

Audi_e-tron_quattro_concept_2015_DM_12 The recharge time is less than an hour connected to a power 150 kW, which, combined with the aforementioned autonomy, dangerously close to a petrol car and allows us to dream with the best of both worlds. performance, range, quick reloads and zero emissions

Which brings us to another concept vehicle that has dazzled in Frankfurt, Porsche Mission E Concept. With a really amazing aesthetic that demonstrates that the Panamera would have been nice after all, the Mission E is fully electric, has 600 hp of electrical power, 500 km of autonomy and a recharge time of 15 minutes to reach 80% capacity of their batteries.

porsche-mission-e-concept-portada I think that this is a technical marvel, and we should not forget the instant response and the feeling that provide unmatched performance based electric motors. All in the midst of complete silence and without emissions. Bravo for Porsche.

seems the Volkswagen group is making an unprecedented effort in the electrification of the car , presenting paths tracks under the brand Porsche and Audi of what could be their future in a few years. In an interview with Car Magazine, Audi claimed that a product with the technology of e-tron quattro concept will be out before 2018 . Surprising.

However, what is most surprising is that Tesla Model-S , also present at Frankfurt with his newly released P90D , a car that is to the sale since 2012 in very similar versions, has a maximum range of 500 km and an acceleration of 0-100 km / h of around 3 seconds in the more powerful versions. It is a car with rear-wheel drive, front engine and that has revolutionized the concept of sports sedan having 7 seats in an absolutely sexy body.

tesla-model-s-modo-ridiculo-1-1440px ie, a visionary American launch a car that is 6 or 7 years ahead of anything known under a brand without history, and the almighty Volkswagen group promises to get there by 2018, if all goes well.

Tesla plays, dances Germany.

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