Franz Tost believed to be correct the split with Renault


The pact between the FIA and bikers to the development of the thrusters through 32 tokens and the use of engines B opens a lot of doors for business in F1 2016, in addition to a theoretical greater equality between the different power units. Despite this, Franz Tost in the capacity of Sports Director of Toro Rosso believes that your team has taken the right decision to break his relationship with Renault. The team based in Faenza continues without having closed an agreement with a biker for 2016, just like Red Bull.

Franz Tost has been shown to categorical in a recent interview on the official website of the championship, to be once more critical of the work done by your current biker, Renault: take in consideration that we have paid a lot of money to Renault and we have not seen the progress that we had expected. In this line, Franz Tost look forward to the future with the hope of re-related past: “The question is why don’t I go with Ferrari. It is a partner that we know of the past and it would be a move that makes sense for logistics”.


in Addition to the particular condition of his team, Franz Tost believes
the new signed agreement will serve to display a category more
igualada: I Hope that you all are much closer to the next year. I am
convinced that Renault and Honda have the resources and expertise
technical enough to close the gap. The FIA has to look at the
a token system so that it is behind get a development
additional to that we have parity in the championship. Still, I’m
sure that those who are now behind , will be updated to more not take to
the year 2017

With data in hand, teams with engines
Ferrari and Mercedes have managed to 909 points along this
season. Red Bull and Toro Rosso have added up to 194 points with the engines
and Honda has 19 units next to McLaren. In relation to the
the presence of Honda or Renault with a team, and without customers, Franz
Tost believes that no successful model: “I have No idea what is the
business plan of Renault. I’m also not interested in you are going to do,
but history has shown that it is good to have at least one computer
to have a reference, but that is your game”.

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