Franz Tost calls for it to freeze the development of the engine of Mercedes


The return, in 2014, to a Formula 1 in which the power of the engines was the most relevant factor, and the important restrictions to the development of the power units, were white cards, for the domain of Mercedes these past three years. What only 8 of the 59 races held in these three years have escaped the clutches of Stuttgart are data that speak for yes alone. In this season, not only is returned to the aerodynamic drag a critical role in the development and in the performance of the car, if you don’t that have eliminated the restrictions of tokens which limited the possibility to reduce the gap with the power unit Mercedes.

The other three manufacturers (Ferrari, Renault and Honda) expect to be able to take advantage of the opportunity to end the margin is favorable that the German brand has been dragged in this triennium. However, for some within the Formula 1, it is not enough. That is the opinion of Franz Tost, the head of the team Toro Rosso, who advocates for giving back and back to the motor joint and frozen, stopping first, the development of the Mercedes to allow others to reach them, according to has commented to Autosport:

“I Hope that, sooner or later, there is a parity of power, because today it is not the case. I hope that Renault will hunt, especially because I don’t know what is happening with Ferrari. We need that, at least, Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari fight for the championship. If the parity in units of power does not come, I would freeze the power unit of Mercedes. The FIA should introduce a rule to freeze: the other should reach it, and then, freeze them all. Would free the development of the batteries, because it is something for the future, and it is also important for the manufacturers”.

Tost is also expected that Liberty Media gets go ahead budget ceiling that will reduce costs to compete in the Formula 1, disproving that such a measure was something uncontrollable by the classes of the category: “We have to reduce costs. We’ve discussed it for years, but never happens anything. I will introduce a budget ceiling. people would say that it is not controllable, but this is absurd. At Toro Rosso, we have a history with each screw, and we may say of where it goes and how much it has cost”.

Marko: Renault engine at the height of the Ferrari in Barcelona

In the absence of that its a factory team give a jump in competitiveness, Red Bull is the team emblem of Renault, and the most likely to bring victories to the French manufacturer. In the heart of Milton Keynes, who has closely observed the progress at the factory in Viry-Châtillon, have reason to be optimistic with Renault, a brand with which formalized a reconciliation last year after several seasons of tension, despite the fact that their engines will continue to be called TAG-Heuer.

In statements to Motorsport Magazine, the consultant Red Bull Helmut Marko and, best known for being ‘the hand that rocks the cradle’ in the junior programme, the team considers that the progress made by Renault that would allow them to enjoy a power similar to Ferrari as soon as in the Grand Prix of Spain: “The signs are encouraging, the deficit has been reduced gradually. We should be well positioned in Europe, at the level of Ferrari, unless they have done it again a great advance”.

Marko, yes, it is clear that the reality is what it is, and that the advantage of Mercedes is too much to hunt them down this season: “does The level of Mercedes? We are not as good, but the difference is not so clear anymore that don’t leave any option. You can carry more or less the same settings of spoilers that Mercedes, and not always three or four levels below, only to avoid losing a lot on the straights,”. In addition, the does not rule out that your power unit will allow a ‘way of classification’ as the that Mercedes has exhibited in many Q3, giving them a few tenths extra crucial, although it makes clear that to be the case, it would not be “so pronounced”.