Franz Tost expects “a season very competitive” for Toro Rosso


Toro Rosso already exceeds the decade of its existence, and now in its third change of regulations in its history. Those of Faenza, the heirs of Minardi, are far from being a novelty, and seek to gain a foothold in the grill of Formula 1 by his own account, pretending to be a team that is codee with the best of the middle zone. With the new STR12, presented today, to finish on the podium in any test, and in fifth place in the constructors are the goals, which came to seem feasible at the beginning of 2016.

Knowledgeable of that take a motor with a year old and the proximity of the change of regulation lastró the good work on your chassis last year, Toro Rosso has planned improvements to introduce them gradually throughout the season, and avoid losing the train of the zone to medium-high. This has been assured by James Key, technical director of the team, that determines the success of the team to work on the chassis: “With the continuity of the pilots, and a power unit that took a huge step forward last year, and that should continue to be developed with strength this year, the chassis is left as a question mark. we Always put ourselves high targets, and this year we are adopting a longer term vision during the 20 races, with a long list of planned developments during the season. I suspect that it will be a year very busy, with a lot of performance even for encontrar”.

The expectations are also high for Franz Tost, head of the team. The austrian believes that Toro Rosso has what it takes to make a good role this season, and praises the power unit from Renault as the most competitive the team has been ready since 2014.

the Whole team has worked extremely hard to ensure that we have a season very competitive. We are back again with Renault, and our chassis carries the that is, probably, the engine more competitive than we have had up to now in the was hybrid. Kvyat will make his fourth year as a pilot of Formula 1, and Carlos Sainz will face his third season with us. Are a couple very talented, and have worked very hard in the winter to be ready for the physical challenges additional involved in the piloting of these new and faster cars. The mechanics that take care of the cars on the track are also very well prepared, and we have in the company, in general, the stability and the strength to attack this season, when the pace of development of the cars will be much faster than in the last two years.”

Tost has insured like “our first major change of decoration in our twelve years on the grid of Formula 1”, after Toro Rosso had taken a decoration more lively, with shades of blue and red more present and more eye-catching. In its turn, has broken down the changes that you make to the new regulation, something so revolutionary, and is confident that the races continue to be entertaining: “For all the fans of Formula 1, 2017 should be a year of excitement and uncertainty, as the technical regulation of the sport has gone through one of the biggest changes we’ve seen in a couple of decades. In simple terms, the cars are wider, longer, lower, faster, louder and use larger tyres, promise more grip, more speed, cornering, and with luck, careers even more matched“.