Franz Tost: “Kvyat is the right choice for 2017”


The GP of the united States left two good news on the breast of Toro Rosso. The first one was the sixth post harvested by Carlos Sainz, while the second was the confirmation of Daniil Kvyat of face-to-2017. The Russian pilot, who went through a bad streak after their descent from Red Bull to Toro Rosso, has traced the flight and that has been fundamental to be able to continue in the team of Faenza during the next season. This has been explained Franz Tost, Team Principal of Toro Rosso, and that was not slow to support the decision taken by Red Bull.

In statements to the official website of the Formula 1, Franz Tost explained: “The philosophy of Red Bull is to decide at the end of the season, but this year we have done it a little different with the confirmation of Carlos Sainz quite early and Daniil Kvyat a few days ago. There is nothing new waiting for the last moment to choose a pilot, although this time it has not been our case.” In this aspect, Tost does not consider that this decision was hasty: “there is No rush at all. Red Bull decided to do this in the united States because we are convinced that Kvyat is the right choice for 2017“.


Franz Tost also believes that the continuation of Daniil Kvyat
will: “Poner end to the rumors and bring stability to the team
in the last four races. It was clear from a long time ago, so
that was not a question of why wait any longer. It was a decision of Red Bull
and what is certain is that Daniil deserves a drive next year. What has
shown in the last few races with a great performance in Singapore and
it was quite competitive in Malaysia and Japan. All with a car that
has an engine in which there is no development and that have 60 or 70 horses
less force”.

Christian Horner expressed a similar opinion,
especially after the interest of Force India in the Russian pilot, although that
might mean that Pierre Gasly see their options come to the
Formula 1 fade: “I Think that is what we had to do. Daniil
has had a tough year after a 2015 suitable
and their confidence has been
damaged understandably. He has been working to rebuild itself and
has managed to. With 22 years, it is too soon to throw in the towel with
Daniil. I Had to give this a chance and I think you will see him
take advantage of it