From 2018 Volkswagen will manufacture a new SUV in Navarre

Volkswagen Polo Navarra

Volkswagen factory at Landaben, Navarre, today is a celebration. The brand has confirmed that it will produce at these facilities, a new model from the year 2018. This will be an SUV which will be based on the platform of the next generation of the Volkswagen Polo, with which it shared the assembly lines. It will be the first time in the history of this plant that manufactures more than one model.

The talks between the representatives of the plant and the brand have been key to the award of this model to Landaben. Ensure the subsistence of the factory by 15 years and allow the hiring of between 300 and 500 workers direct. So, the plant will draw close to 5,000 workers. In addition, the new SUV will be built using elements of providers in the area, which indirectly will employ 2,000 workers additional. It will be a strong catalyst in the surroundings of Pamplona.

Volskwagen Polo siete millones

In Landaben have produced more than 7 million units of the Volkswagen Polo

Landaben has competed in the adjudication of this model with other plants of the Volkswagen group as Portugal, Slovakia and Martorell. The arrival of the new SUV B-segment to this factory will allow to expand the production capacity in 100,000 units annually additional. These figures make Volkswagen Navarra, joining the new SUV and the Polo, have the capacity to produce more than 350,000 units per year.

Since the factory of Landaben is in the hands of Volkswagen, the German brand has manufactured more than 7 million units of the Volkswagen Polo in his last four generations, since 1984. The past 2015 is fabricated 298.358 units of the compact, being intended for the import to more than 60 countries, 91% of the units.

Source – Volkswagen

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