From China comes another accident of AutoPilot Tesla recorded with a dashcam

a little over a month came the first fatal accident of the AutoPilot Tesla. Since then the eco-friendly us label has been linked to an incident with another, always because of its technological system AutoPilot. This time the news arrive from China, where, once more, the autonomous system had not acted correctly.

Luo Zhen, the protagonist and owner of the Tesla rugged shows us clearly in a recording of the dashcam, as your car does not responded to the obstacle from the side, and just skimming around the side of the Model S. A video that in addition to being enlightening, it leaves many questions about the operation of the AutoPilot.

As you can see, the situation is quite real and common. A highway with dense traffic where the cars circulate at a low speed. At one point the protagonist, who claims to carry the driving autonomous enabled, encounters a stationary vehicle on the hard shoulder. Without which none react, neither car nor driver, the crash occurs unexpectedly.

mr. Zhen blames the sellers of the brand, which assured him that the AutoPilot of your Tesla Model S could solve this type of problems easily. Seen it seen it was not so, and now claims the damage caused in the car, that is certainly in spite of not seem like many, yes that will be a good bill.

this was the Model S the protagonist of this video. At least no-one was hurt injured

With this last incident, Tesla has been in the eye of the hurricane by various accidents around the world. The company however warns that this device does not replace in any moment the driver, and despite the fact that it is able to take decisions by itself, you should never disregard the circulation. Not something we had to explain to the lord Zhen.