From China with love comes all the way premium Karlmann King

fame vehicles designed and manufactured in china is based on four fundamental pillars: design bland or plagiarized from other models, range mechanical obsolete, security tiny and price of knock-down. Well, it’s a new model that wants to end once and for all with all those myths, or at least will try to. With you all, we present in society the new all the way preimum chinese, Karlmann King.

If gentlemen, the Karlmann King was officially presented last year in the Dubai Auto Show in the form of a prototype, and in these days to start your marketing in half the world. For its development, the chinese firm Karlmann has taken as a basis, the platform of the indestructible Ford F-550 to which have been added a body built in carbon fiber.

To give shape to their lines, the signature asian has retained the services of a design studio based in Europe (of which there is no known name and location) and composed by 1,800 workers. In any case, by the result seen in the final model, break the first myth of design bland or copied on the chinese models is complicated, because there is no where to look at this behemoth.

– level mechanical engineers Karlmann have chosen to keep the same mechanical that encourages F-550. In this way, under your front hood has a obsolete block gasoline air intake with a 6.6-liter displacement and V6 configuration that delivers an end power of 400 HP. The gearbox is automatic cutting with 6 relations that distributes engine power to all four wheels thanks to an awd system. Therefore, the second myth will not be able to finish him.

the problem for The Karlmann King is that, like its design it is complex to describe, its proportions and weight exceed what is seen in a european model or an american. Has a dimensions of 6 meters long and 2.5 metres wide and a figure that reflects the scale is nothing less than four and a half tons. Therefore, the benefits and consumption of the entire chinese road does not shine because it just reaches the 150 miles per hour tip and exceeds it comfortably to 15 litres.

despite what voluminous that it is your body your cabin is only configured to accommodate in its interior four occupants arranged in seats independent. As with the design of its bodywork, the lines that give life to the interior are rare, flashy and complex to explain with elements of ornamentation such as an ambient lighting system. security measures have not been numbered, but surely not account with the latest advances, so this myth may not overcome it.

With all the starting price of this model starts in the 1.6 million, may not break down the myth of the blow out price on chinese cars. But in addition, is that if the customer wants to alicatarlo of extras up to the ceiling, its price will exceed the 3 million. Among the sweets that you can incorporate there is a car body bullet proof, although the final weight of the model will reach up to 6 tons.

Be that as it may, I think that in this case the signatures premium consecrated will not have as much fear of the Karlmann King for neither in Europe nor in America will have much to do.

Source – Auto Express

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