From Mercedes-Maybach will get a coupe, and what we will see at Pebble Beach

Mercedes-Maybachexclusive, Mercedes-Maybach known for a while. His models are pieces that can’t be categorized simply as a luxury, they are something more. Sedans huge that offer the driver the greatest comforts you can imagine. The same special division of the manufacturer Daimler has been working for several months on a draft of those that will leave us mouth open for a while. It is a coupe close six feet that will come to Pebble Beach. Yes, you heard right, six feet! I also had to read it a couple of times…

Contest of Elegance of Pebble Beach will take in this new edition, as we are accustomed, to the cars, to more exclusive this planet. Meanwhile beautiful face, we will find one come of Maybach, a coupe of measures very generous with the one who will try to impress the audience. We do not know too much information about this model, although the firm has posted on Twitter a teaser of this coupe, a profile picture which leaves us with a figure really nice.

Mercedes Clase S Coupé

Mercedes S-Class Coupe

As we say, in the image there is a profile slender, with a huge hood that gives way to a cab line equally stylized. Appreciate the many details in chrome and other accessories that do nothing but elevate the elegance of the set. In this teaser the measurements show a nice shade of red, very fashionable at present, and little more, because we cannot see below the steps of a wheel.

The Sunday of the next week will arrive this exclusive coupe in the Competition of Elegance of Pebble Beach. According to the company we will find ourselves with “the luxury final” hand-in-hand Mercedes-Maybach. Still we only have this teaser, although many claim that under the hood of this model we find a heart inherited from the Mercedes S-Class Coupe. In order to, wait.

Source – Mercedes