From Russia, with love: Cardi transforms your BMW into an elegant Volga

even Though all of us to think in Lada – and really there were not many more – when we think of Russian classics, we must not forget brands like Volga. One of the most important, that cemented his reputation in the soviet era manufacturing luxury cars, symbols of status associated with positions of power in the Party. Some are now classic, coveted, and recreated in a modern way using european cars as a base. Cardi has created the Volga perfect modern, on the basis of a BMW 3 Series Coupé E92. The result is wonderful.

Cardi has built a BMW 3 Series Coupe and converted it into an elegant Volga modern. Awesome.

For once we don’t have to scare us before a creature of Russian, but admire the craftsmanship and quality that have created a Volga modernized, with all of the classic spirit. A work of body-admirable. Retains all the details and proportions of the classic, with a calender of chrome bars, and optical round. Inspired to turn into american cars, this project retains the rear fins of the classic, as well as their peculiar optical, similar in execution to those of the Cadillac of the fifties.

What I like about it is that the work is restrained, without falling into excesses. Obviously, the width of the wheels and their free height to the floor show that is based in a modern car, but no detail outside gives us clues about the skeleton of the car. And the pass inside, unfolds before us a work of art. An interior fine finishes practically perfect. The quality materials abound, and wherever you look you only find leather, natural wood or chrome-plated. There is scarcely a only plastic in sight.

Hardly any detail left to see that it is a work based on a BMW 3 Series Coupé.

again, the transformation from a BMW Series 3 is fantastic, just the display of the infotainment system – very well integrated in the central console – it gives us clues about the origin of the Volga. The upholstery of the seats is a real madness if we choose for the upholstery fabric, but we can opt for a look of brown leather over standard. The sound team and controls the air conditioning mimic the controls of the classic, while retaining full functionality modern.

Particularly successful is the instrumentation, fine and very well finished off, as well as the shift lever, or a small analog clock located on the center console. Only the controls for the turn signals are equal to those of the BMW modern, but the masking has even bothered to mold them into tones more classics. Demons, even the plastic lever for opening the bonnet has been modified. An impressive work, of which we show two faces, one looking more and more outdated and another black, more sporty and current.

The car has been presented in the Lounge of Dubai, but has passed quite unnoticed. We could not let this job end in ostracism.

Source: Allcarindex
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