From this year without ESP will not be able to get five stars in LatinNCAP


LatinNCAP responsible for agency security measure vehicles sold in Latin America announced a tightening of the rules for this year. No stability control will be impossible to get City .


Volkswagen-Up-Latinncap L atinNCAP announced this week the new series of impact tests to be carried out this year, the results will be published in the months of April, July , September, November and December .

But those are not the only news for this year, as reported LatinNCAP being prepared a significant expansion of evaluation methods vehicles, after which it will be more difficult to achieve maximum score of five stars.

After the entry into force of the new legislation, will be more difficult to achieve 5 stars in LatinNCAP.

The main changes will be related electronic stability control because for four and five star vehicles that device must have passed the test and achieve their performance.

For five star vehicles must display a good performance before front, side and pole impacts , and to achieve the test of ESP. The same applies to achieve get four stars, ie that should perform well with front, side and pole impacts as well pass the test of ESP .

But besides all vehicles must display an well in lateral and frontal impact under manage to maintain the same level of stars they would get under the current protocol. Besides the lateral impact will from now installed two restraints Children with two child dummies, as in the frontal impact.

This will be used to verify provided protection to the child passengers, something that was not assessed under the existing rules so far in LatinNCAP protocols.





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