From today, you may find yourself with megacamiones on the Spanish roads

Megacamiónit May be that until now you have never used the term “truck configuration euromodular”, or what is the same, megacamión. From now on this new type of trucks will be part of the vocabulary of Spanish drivers, because from today they are legal in Spain the trucks of up to 25,25 metres long and 60 tonnes weight. This type of transport are frequently employed in countries like the united States or Australia (with dimensions even larger), while in Europe they are also present in some neighbouring countries, such as France or Germany.

The advantages of the megacamiones are evident, allow you to carry more goods in a single trip, saving time and money to the carriers and receivers of goods. They also have environmental benefits, as the consumption (and emissions) of a megacamión is lower than the two trucks that were to carry the same load. Specifically, two megacamiones would transport what three trucks-conventional. The implementation of the megacamiones will allow you to save up to 22% of the price in the transportation of each ton. Also would partly reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

What requirements they have to meet the megacamiones?

Megacamión road train

In some countries, the megacamiones can have epic dimensions

information published yesterday by the BOE includes a series of conditions for the circulation of megacamiones. The first point is that it will be necessary to authorization for circular of the competent body in matter of traffic, that will not be granted for the transport of dangerous goods. The megacamiones, regardless of its modules, can never exceed the 25,25 m and 60 tonnes, and the load may not protrude from the floor of the vehicle.

The law says that these megacamiones should circular whenever possible on motorways and dual carriageways, but they can also be circular by conventional roads, so if it involves more danger to the rest of the drivers, especially in the face to make overtaking, where you will have to have it very clear. The minimum distance to go in order to get the authorization shall be 150 kilometers, and just 50 kilometers will be able to pass by conventional roads, to leave or to reach the destination. They will maintain a maximum speed of 90 km/h on dual carriageways and motorways and 80 km/h on the highways.

The trucks must comply with a few requirements, such as equip with air suspension and warning of involuntary change of lane. On the back shall appear a signaling of vehicle along with the registration XL, to warn that it is a megacamión.

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