Full Engelhart, Bortolotti and Lamborghini in the Uk


Lamborghini has achieved an almost perfect weekend at Brands Hatch after reaching the pole, the victory in the Qualifying Race and the win in the main race. All of these successes have come of the hand of the Lamborghini #63 of Christian Engelhart and Mirko Bortolotti, new leaders of the Blancpain Sprint Cup after this magnificent performance. Doublet on the podium for the Audi #17 and #2. In key Spanish, difficult weekend. The Bentley #8 Soucek has not been able to move from the eighteenth position in a track unfavorable to your GT3. For his part, Dani Juncadella with the Mercedes #88 has not completed the race after an inexplicable penalty.

Engelhart managed to keep the Lamborghini #63 in the head, a position that was improved even more by placing the Lamborghini #19 on their heels. The victim in this case was the BMW #98 of ROWE Racing, who said a position. Serralles kept the Mercedes #88 in the fourth position, while António Félix Da Costa swept the BMW #99 in the fifth place after overtaking the McLaren #58 in the early stages of the race. Behind, the Audi #75 out of track, causing a yellow flag that was wrecking the advantage gained by Engelhart in the first two rounds.

there were No changes in the resalida, while Perez Companc returned to cork with the Lamborghini #19 on a team-work within GRT Grasser that allowed Engelhart escape from new without problems. Felix Serralles took advantage of this circumstance to overcome in the BMW #98, who saw it as his attack was turned into a bad defense. Just a few laps later, Barnicoat managed to overtake the BMW of António Felix Da Costa in their struggle for the fifth position, a move that took advantage of also Stuart Leonard to put the Audi #17 in front of the GT3 of ROWE Racing. Winkelhock gave an account of Meadows for the eighth square.


however, little lasting joy for Stuart Leonard, who lost his position with António Félix Da Costa, which in turn made him yield to the push of Winkelhock, Meadows and Fumanelli, falling in a pair of curves of the sixth to the tenth position. Even so, the opening of the window of pit stops blurred this maneuver as several of the leaders went to the pits to change tyres and drivers. In the case of the Lamborghini #19 the maneuver was a huge mess that made him lose the second position and drop to the back of the pack after missing depth.

was Not much better the manoeuvre to the Mercedes #88 of Serralles and Juncadella, while Dani was sanctioned with a Drive Through by ‘Unsafe Release’, a penalty somewhat unfair as Dani Juncadella had that dodge to a mechanic of BMW #99 that was slipping a wheel. The own BMW of ROWE Racing were left standing at the end of the pitlane with damage to a tire after touching with the Mercedes #88, while the Mercedes #86 accused, mechanical problems nothing more out of the pitlane.

In spite of all the incidents in the pit lane, Mirko Bortolotti returned to the track in first position with the Lamborghini #63. The Italian rider had no problem in firing his lead at the front of the race before the great disputes that took place behind their backs. All in all, the Audi #17 was the one in charge of inheriting the second position, while the Audi #2 was placed third. The Mercedes #84 and #85 were placed fourth and sixth, leaving in between the BMW #98. A progression similar were signed by the two Bentley M-Sport for around the area of the Top 10.


despite its good strategy, Perera could not take the Mercedes #84 the attacks of the Audi #5 for Dries Vanthoor, who won the sixth position. In the end, the second half of the race just let this pass as an action outstanding. In fact, the race had the owner long before getting to the chequered flag, the result of the advantage gained by the leader. With 18 seconds of margin, and without opposition, Mirko Bortolotti got the victory with the Lamborghini #63, thus closing a perfect weekend and getting together to Engelhart at the top of the Blancpain Sprint Cup.

the Result of its successful strategy, the Audi #17, Leonard, and Frijns crossed the finish line in second position. The podium as completed for its part, the Audi #2 of Winkelhock and Stevens, result in trouble for the risky bet of the equipment at the time of advancing its stop. Just four tenths behind crossed the finish line of the Mercedes #85, , while the BMW #98 was the fifth ranked, putting a fix to the defective performance of ROWE Racing in the pit lane. The Audi #5 of Fässler and Vanthoor got the sixth place, ahead of the Mercedes #84 of Perera and Buhk, who weren’t able to retain his lead.

Main Race Blancpain GT Sprint Cup 2017 at Brands Hatch

Pos. Pilots Car Time
1 Engelhart / Bortolotti
Lamborghini Hurricane GT3 GRT Greasser 41 laps
2nd Leonard / Frijns
Audi R8 LMS GT3 Team WRT +18.974
3rd Winkelhock / Stevens Audi R8 LMS GT3 Team WRT +24.955
4th Szymkowiak / Schiller Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport +25.306
5th Palttala / Krohn BMW M6 GT3 Rowe Racing +25.909
6th Fässler / Vanthoor Audi R8 LMS GT3 Team WRT +26.343
7th Buhk / Perera Mercedes-AMG GT3 HTP Motorsport +26.754
8th Meadows / Marciello
Mercedes-AMG GT3 AKKA-ASP +27.742
9th Monti / Haase Audi R8 LMS GT3 Sainteloc +30.931
10th Schothorst / Dennis Audi R8 LMS GT3 Team WRT +31.616