Full guide: where to see the F1 in 2017

Mercedes W08 con rakes de sensores: F1 2017

Has started the world of F1 2017 that is presented as one of the most innovative in the history of Formula 1 with a new technical regulation that have been introduced tires quite wide, and many aerodynamic updates that make the car more aggressive, with more load, and more importantly, several seconds faster per lap with respect to the last year. You already know that the era in which all we were able to enjoy the F1 in the open has finished in Spain, as in other countries. So now we have to juggle (some on the edge of legality, and others surpassing the legal limit) if we want to see you free of charge.

you Already know that with the purchase of the rights in exclusivity of Telefónica via Movistar, and now there is that pay-per-view F1 and has also limited the right of vision only to certain locations, as the fiber or services of the company do not reach all the places of the national territory. But don’t worry, because coming up, big changes in this sense, in fact now we’ll talk about new alternatives that are open for you to enjoy the F1 from most media. And above all, waiting with open arms the changes of Liberty Media (remember, the new owner of the Formula 1) that wants to transmit in streaming for the network to reach any place and at more competitive prices.

you Already know that the local hero, Fernando Alonso, although it is in their best sporting moment, lately a shortage of hits, so this also has an impact on the audience of our country and makes it not so profitable to buy the rights to the FOM and issued on a channel open as before. That coupled with the recent technical changes that were made with the engines, etc, not helped the hearing was more, but it has fallen sharply in recent times in all countries. If we add the lack of overtaking and the monopolies that have brought Red Bull and Mercedes, not liked too much at all… In fact, both the payment and the unfortunate changes, and the reign supreme of the two teams have managed that in the time of millions now follow thousands of people.

News: Vodafone joins the battle and Liberty Media…

ALonso y Marquez intercambiando casco

you Already know, that some days ago, announced the agreement as Moto GP and F1 can be seen also through the services of Vodafone. So if you’re from this trader and you are interested, you can find more information on their website or call to advise you about new products, prices, etc, you’re Not going to see anything changed or unpublished in front of Movistar, and the reason is again the blissful exclusivity. So the only thing that will be added to the channels of Movistar F1 and Movistar GP to the list of channels of sport, which already aired the Vodafone TV. Therefore you will see the same programming, just from a different vendor.

Orange is left behind in this regard, since the direct competition of Vodafone and Movistar has not signed any agreement, maybe they do or maybe not. That’s not what we know, without a doubt, if they do it would be also a good joy for the customers of the operator orange. And finally add that perhaps the greatest joy the bring the current owner of the rights of the F1, Liberty Media. The media giant american wants to take the show to the networks, and broadcast it in streaming as you do with other sports events in the USA. That would be great and would open the doors to more customers, in addition to having more economic prices than those of hiring the packs of the operators mentioned here. In fact, this year, have already opened the hand quite with the dissemination of videos of the test on social networks, and I hope that soon is finished the platform for the dissemination on the Internet and we can update this post with this new possibility…

Movistar+ to view the Formula 1 live

Logo de Movistar TV

Telefónica bought the exclusivity broadcast live the F1 and from 2016 emits the content on their channel Movistar F1. There you will find programs repeated dexter and sinister of the previous GPs and the weekends that there is career, content, cool with programs from the free to the race and some other special pre and post race analyzing all the news and updates today. As already we tell you, have also changed their cast of staff…

The cost-per-view Movistar F1 representing an increase of€10 (single-engine: F1 and MotoGP) to be added to the rest of the expenses for hiring other services that Movistar requires to have the ability to view your TV channels, such as fiber optics (which does not reach to all corners of Spain). Although outside of this unique channel, with Movistar+ will also be given summaries from Thursday to Sunday every day of the engine by the Channel Zero, which is included in the Family package.

RTVE and TV3 only (GP of Spain)

GP de España recta principal

RTVE has also paid about 700,000 euros per issue in the open, as it did in 2016. That gives you the right to broadcast live the GP of Spain of Formula 1, a race that features a lot of audience and in which he has wanted to snatch the exclusivity of Movistar. In addition it will provide summaries of 1 hour of each of the 21 GPs of the season 2016 F1 through the channel TDP once you have finished the race. In this sense, is still like the past year, and even though they are summaries and not entire careers, in addition to being at night time when they are racing in Europe or the schedule of half day, for those who can’t afford or don’t want to give in, it is a great opportunity. And the same for TV3, to provide the home run…

Satellite to view the Formula 1 live

Ver la F1 con parabólica

satellite, with a parabolic antenna + digital receiver, you can access to foreign channels, but you’ll have to listen to the broadcasts in other languages, as it is logical. Some casual fans of the sport, you probably consider it a good option to see channels from other countries that still continue to offer the F1 in the open, though the fashion of cease emissions in open it seems that it is spreading to other countries.

For examples, can be followed on channels such as the German RTL via Astra (Astra 19.2 º E – 12187.50 H – 27500 – 3/4), which can be caught from our country without any problems. The RAI is another valid option, and to do this you must guide your satellite dish so that you can catch the signal from the satellite Eutelsat (Eutelsat 5th West – 11012-V – 30000 – 3/5), or even the british channel that are threatened with losing the rights to air on closed-as has happened in Spain this year.

Other options to see the F1 online

App Kodi para ver la fórmula 1

even Though they are not legal, there are other options such as using software or media centers as Kodi, OpenELEC, LibreELEC, both on mobile devices, PCs, and even smartphones and tables, since there are versions for Android and iOS of many of these projects. In them you’ll find some channels pirate of the above mentioned in order to be able to see, although the quality in a lot of cases is pretty poor… And if you know of any foreign channels that broadcast in streaming for the network, maybe their websites do not allow you to have access to the content if your IP is from another country, but maybe with a VPN you can, who knows.