Fullback: face Italian and japanese soul to the mule of Fiat to the great pick-up

One of the global developments that are presented in the Lounge of Dubai is called Fiat Fullback. It is a pick-up big – at least in the european market terms – based on the Mitsubishi L200. The press release doesn’t say so, but their design, their dimensions and their engines leave no room for doubt. This pick-up is the first adventure in the segment for Fiat Professional, that will sell in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EMEA). With what arguments we want to convince the new Fullback?

Is based on the Mitsubishi L200, both by platform, such as design or engines.

Its design is a little imaginative. The only difference with the Mitsubishi L200 is in your front, where the Fullback opens a great calender with chrome frame and a bumper similar to the minivan Freemont. Wheels and some details in the interior of the car will be different, but hopefully not big news. The Fullback is a defensive in the game of rugby, a strong player in the field. The analogy that sets up Fiat is the need of a strong player in the market of the pick-up, which moved 624.000 units in the area EMEA in 2014.

Is a pick-up that will be offered in four versions: – cabin, simple, extended cab, double cab and chassis cab; all of them with a battle common of 3,000 mm and Their lengths are different, 5.155 he mm in-cabin, simple, 5.275 mm in extended cab and 5.285 mm in double cabin. The maximum load capacity will be 1,100 kg in the cabin is simple, with a cabin two-seater and a big box behind. There will be three trim levels and all-wheel drive is optional, series only the rear wheels move the vehicle.

In regards to the engines, in Europe will be available with two versions of the same 2.4 turbodiesel four-cylinder engine, a propeller of aluminum that will be able to develop 150 HP or 180 HP. Both will be available with a manual gearbox of six relations or an automatic change of five relations. In other markets there will be a engine 2.4 petrol, as well as a 2.5 turbodiesel with outputs of between 110 HP and 178 HP. It will be sold next year, for a price yet to be determined.

Source: Fiat
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