Fun in pocket size: this toy is the new Kawasaki Z125 Pro

On many occasions bikes can be intimidating. Any bike with more than 80 or 90 HP of power has superior performance to a supercar, and in the wrong hands is a tool deadly. I still remember the violence and the mechanical performance of insanity of a BMW R 1200 R that I tried last year, a bike-touring 125 HP of power. The Kawasaki Z125 Pro will likely be a bike much more fun and is more accessible to all pilot: she is only 10 HP, but weighs just over 100 kilos.

Your fuel tank is 7.6 liters, which should be sufficient for about 200 km of autonomy.

new Kawasaki Z125 Pro has been modeled from the Honda Grom, that in Europe we know it as a MSX 125. A small bike gear, a “monkey bike” 9 HP that is a real toy, in addition to being perfectly suitable for those who are accessing the world of the bike. The engine of two-valve-per-cylinder and electronic injection of the Z125 has a power unknown, although it is estimated very slightly higher than that of the Honda. Possibly we are dealing with about 10 HP of power. What you seem to be a few?


Taking into account that the empty weight of the Z125 is only 102 kilos, no, I don’t think it’s low on power. Even though your tires are 12 inches are small – comparable in size to that of a scooter of the same displacement, like the Suzuki Burgman 125 – is not a minimoto: your seat is 805 mm height from the floor, a dimension similar to any sport bike. Your posture of pilotage has to be upright, which will allow us to control the movement of the bike in any situation, so as to incline quite on the curve.

The Honda MSX 125 is his rival more direct, and its concept is identical: a bike created with fun in mind.

Its gearbox has 4 relationships, and it is manual, of course. I doubt that your maximum speed is over 100 km/h of series – although a pinion drag further increase your tip at the cost of sacrificing acceleration. And does not come nothing wrong with the part cycle: final drive chain, telescopic front forks and a single rear shock absorber. The braking equipment is signed by Nissin, and is disc brake both in front and behind, with a diameter of 200 mm on the front axle and 184 mm at the rear axle.


Aesthetically, it is inspired by the family Z. The Z800 is his older sister, who is very proud and has taken the clothing of adolescence. Is dressed with a fairing available in colors of both green and grey, and also has stolen the instrumentation half digital, half analog. A bike very well resolved, the price of which in Europe could be around 3,000 euros. We leave you with the promotional video that has been created by Kawasaki, showing what fun it can be driving.

Source: autoevolution
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