Furor by Honda HR-V in Brazil: 60 days standby


Following first weeks have elapsed since his arrival in the Brazilian auto, the Honda HR-V sold more than EcoSport and Duster added. Your entry price is just more expensive than the Fit more equipped.


Honda-HR-V-Mercosur H wave had good expectations about the most compact of its SUV. The HR-V began to be offered in the Brazilian market two weeks ago and demand and beats it forecasts .

The brand plans to achieve market between 3 and 4000 units per month new Honda HR-V in Brazil, but public demand seems to be surpassing expectations, at least in the first weeks of their marketing, to the point that waiting already reached 60 days .

In the early days of sale in Brazil. The HR-V outperforms its main rivals.

Sales figures indicate that the HR-V has achieved the 1,145 units sold during its first week on the market beat the Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster together , which added not reached reach thousand units.

This means that the product Honda in its first week of sales achieved market 122% more than the Duster and 77% more than the EcoSport . For now, the HR-V and managed to capture 38% of the sales of the Japanese brand in Brazil.

The Honda HR-V, which is based on the platform of Fit made in Brazil although quickly but also will be produced at the plant in Argentina , which will help meet the demand of the Brazilian market, as well as serve to supply the local market.

Of course this is only the statistics of the first days of sale after the release, but it appears that demand is high and the public is interested. His selling price Brazil starts below 70,000 reais , that is almost the same as the Civic most basic and just more expensive than the cost of the Fit more equipped .





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