Further proof of the advances in active safety: 17 years of difference between both cars

Crash test Toyota Corolla de 1998 con Toyota Auris 2015

In this 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the birth of Euro NCAP. At the beginning of the year we were showing a video, taken by themselves, could establish clearly the evolution in the field of passive safety; “the ultimate test”, is what we called it. In this short film were the results of shock in a old Rover 100 and a current Honda Jazz. The differences we made to be aware of the significant leap given in the matter of security for us.

Today we bring you another video, this time of the hand of ANCAP. ANCAP is the equivalent to Euro NCAP for Australia and New Zealand. This video faces in a crash test of two models of Toyota. On one hand we have an old Toyota Corolla 1998 and its counterpart, the Toyota Auris 2015. If that video I impact, that we leave after the jumped also will bring you the creeps.

For if you had any doubt: yes, the Toyota Auris 2015 is much more sure that the old Corolla. In fact, it is scary to imagine what would have happened with the occupants of the old model in case of a real accident. The images allow us to appreciate how the design of the body allows the force of deceleration is much more controlled, at the same time that the “cell” interior resists the strong impact between the two vehicles.

On many occasions we hear phrases, normally pronounced “in-laws” in bars, as the cars before yes that were hard and that the modern seem of clay. We would like that brother-in-law, with his elbow leaning on the bar and stick in the teeth, see the video. Probably won’t be short of excuses without sense to try to make us believe that he is right; but it is not. The tests and the images left clearly on the floor of their comments. If you still still believing that the reason, have him read this article prepared a few weeks ago: The Euro NCAP: to shock with the life by the life coaches.

Source – ANCAP