Future models of Genesis: new sedan, SUV, Coupe and Crossover

we have Already seen the first presentation of Genesis, the luxury brand that Hyundai has created, and whose first representative, the G90, it is only a foretaste of what is to come in the near future.

Genesis is the alternative of Hyundai to other manufacturers, such as Lexus or Infiniti, or even Mercedes or BMW. The goal of the koreans is to attack with the japanese and european with a range that shall be composed of six vehicles.

A range of propulsion and traction integral

This philosophy is somewhat “shocking” because it leaves marks like Audi out of this competition and this has a reason: Genesis, that is to say, Hyundai has no intention of offering models of front-wheel-drive: your range of vehicles will be propulsion and traction to the four wheels.

we will Also see a coupe with sporty approach

the first model, the G90, a superberlina with over five meters of length that we already know, join the G80, another saloon and more that will be the replacement of the current Genesis Sedan and then hit a third vehicle, which is referred to as Genesis G70.

This is especially worthy of mention because we have learned that it will be an alternative to the BMW 3 Series, a model that will be offered initially only with petrol versions and diesel V6 engines and with rear-wheel drive.


Mule’s Genesis Coupe

This G70 will not only be a saloon of three volumes, but string that will fold into a variant of body extra with only two doors, which would lead to a sports coupe and luxury that will mean the goodbye final to the current Genesis Coupe, a model that still live about three years longer in the market but that with the new range of Genesis, Hyundai has no intention to extend it for a longer time in the market. A year ago we published these photos spies of the mule of this car.

To these four models, Genesis will be a SUV and a crossover for the C-segment, of which we know little more more than the first will be offered only with awd while the second will feature rear-wheel drive and total.


Recreation. We will see a Genesis Crossover as well as a Genesis SUV