G-Power parks his fondness for BMW and dares with the Mercedes-AMG GT

it is Not usual that a coach with more than three decades of
history behind it as is G-Power
dares to leave their “stamp” on a model that is not BMW. However,
once in a while puts at our disposal a series of packages of improvements with
the raise to a new level of radicalism and performance models of other
signatures as in this case. On this occasion, the preparer German has decided to
hack away at the Mercedes-AMG GT, and
the result will not leave you indifferent.

G-Power Mercedes-AMG GT

G-Power has unveiled its package of improvements for the Mercedes-AMG GT.

The sports of the brand with the star is currently at its most extreme sports, and, even more, having been developed by the engineers of Mercedes-AMG. The result is, as we commented in our test of the Mercedes-AMG GT S, a car that was superb with an accurate up to the point that it has earned its goal of overcoming its predecessor, the Mercedes-AMG SLS.

With the new program settings that G-Power has designed for the Mercedes-AMG GT, we will be able to end your paragraph mechanical to squeeze the most out of every horse-power that can offer us the V8 engine 4.0 liter that is hidden in their entrails. Although its 463 HP and 600 Nm can already appear to us desirable, thanks to the kit-building Bi-Tronik G-Power, we can do that this figure is at the height of the bitumen.

After the installation, we will be able to increase the power up to 615 HP, and to place the maximum torque in the 753 Nm. Thanks to this increase, now the Mercedes-AMG GT, prepared by G-Power-you should only need about 3.6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. This is an improvement of 0.4 seconds compared to the time that the Mercedes-AMG GT S series you need to do this sprint.

G-Power Mercedes-AMG GT

The Mercedes-AMG GT, prepared by G-Power raises your power up to 615 HP.

all these mechanical modifications that offers us the kit, Bi-Tronik, we must sum the changes at the level of the image presented to us by the trainer German. It has footwear the sporty Mercedes-AMG with some new alloy wheels Hurricane RR of 20 and 21 inches (front and rear axle) in addition to reducing the weight of the vehicle also help to improve the dynamics and behavior of the same. The above-mentioned rims are wrapped in tyres in 275/30R20 and 305/25R21.

¿And what’s your price? The set of wheels and tires is available for 7.645 € while the kit Bi-Tronik is currently for sale for 2,563 ivory euros. In total we speak of something more than 10,000 euros in order to incorporate the Mercedes-AMG GT all modifications noted throughout the article.