GAC: The chinese have landed with force in Detroit 2017


Sketch of the Trumpchi GS7 GAC.

One of the participants at the imminent Detroit motor show will be the chinese manufacturer GAC, which returns to the NAIAS in what will be their third participation, although on this occasion he does so with an own booth where he will show up to 3 models, with the intention to begin to establish a sales network in the united States to start market their vehicles from 2018.

Up to now, the presence of the chinese manufacturer had been anecdotal in the room more important for this market, but the plans of GAC to 2017 are more ambitious, and after the arrival of models manufactured in this country, GM and Volvo, it seems that you can reach the turn to the chinese manufacturers in that market. These are common in south american countries, but until now, and as in Europe, north America had resisted.

GAC operates under two brands, Trumpchi and Gonow, while the first sold passenger vehicles, and is their main brand, the second distributes passenger and commercial vehicles. The models that we will see in the COBO Center next week will be sealed with the brand Trumpchi.


Trumchi GS8, a SUV of 180 horses.

next week we’ll see in Detroit three models, the GS7, an SUV that looks very campero and rough, the GE3, an electric model that boasts a range of 308 miles, and the EnSpirit, a model that is said to combine formats as disparate as the sedan, SUV and convertible.

The GS7, as it appears in the sketches presented, has a very similar image to the SUV GS8, which has a mechanical 2.0-liter super-charged 180-HP. It has six-speed automatic transmission and has an available intelligent awd system.

For the moment, GAC does not have the necessary certifications to be able to market vehicles in north America, although it is already established in 14 countries and last year sold around 370.000 vehicles.