Garage Italia Customs has dressed up a Alfa Romeo 4C piece of art… for if there was not enough work of art series

Garage Italia Customs, the company’s controversial Lapo Elkann, has put the glove on to a new frame, touching them on this occasion to Alfa Romeo, the Alfa Romeo 4C and clear, the result, coming from Garage Italia Customs, have little or no discreet.

This Alfa Romeo 4C has dressed for the occasion with the famous painting of Katsushika Hokusai “The great wave off Kanagawa”, by adjusting the strokes of the painting to the curves of this wonder Italian.

Far from conforming with strokes over the body Garage Italia Customs has blue painted the rims, and submitted to the cab to an important evolution that has been coated all over the dashboard, steering wheel, seats, trim of the doors… with a new upholstery.

The transformation of Garage Italia Customs has not yet reached the engine, the block turbo 4-cylinder engine and 1.75 liters, a mechanical, remember, it develops 240 horsepower and 350 Nm to the rear axle, leaving it in the hands of an automatic transmission of double clutch.

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